Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Totally Cool Tuesday ~ April at See Kai Run

Just a few months ago I won a giveaway on A Giveaway Everyday. I was able to choose an adorable pair of shoes from See Kai Run. They have the most adorable, softest, super comfortable (according to my 2 year old) shoes ever! Anyway...I was so excited at my first giveaway win and chose this pair.

The Kaya style is evidently hard for dogs to resist as well. Last week when all of the kiddos brought out their new shoes to show Grandma, our dog helped herself to one of them. We went to eat and she was able to get the box off of the table, get the top off of the box and eat just one shoe. I know, you are saying, "How is this Totally Cool?" Well, I emailed See Kai Run to ask the impossible question of "Can I order one shoe?".

Even though they are completely out of the size we needed to complete the pair, the fact that April (at See Kai Run) went through the entire warehouse to look for that one shoe and was willing to sell me just one makes her my Totally Cool Person for this Tuesday!!! Because of taking the time to answer my crazy emails and to check for me....they have earned my business from now until we outgrow their shoes! Visit the See Kai Run website to check out lots of styles that are on sale and FREE SHIPPING until Aug. 28th. Guess what I will be ordering soon!!!

PS The dog says she is sorry....she just likes soft leather.

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  1. Wow, that is what I call customer service!!! I am impressed and they are adorable shoes!