Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well, We made it.....

Last week marked the first of school. The Coach began on Monday...craziness with his new job of Assistant Principal/Athletic Director. He loves it and never complains about the days dragging on anymore!
The boys both started school on Wednesday. Riley is in the second grade and Bailey started Kindergarten (sniff, sniff). I teared slightly as I put Riley on the bus, but quickly got it together while he grinned and waved good-bye.
Afternoon Kindergarten was a little tougher. Bailey insisted on riding the bus to school. I was already choked up as I walked to the bus stop with him, but as he boarded the bus, he turned and said ,"I love you Mom." That was it!!!! I cried all the way to school (yes, I followed the bus). I cried when he got off of the bus.
I cried when he lined up with his class.
I cried as they walked down the hall.
AND I cried until I called my brother who told me that was enough already.
Thanks Chad for being there to listen and get me back on track. Maggie and I went to the grocery and that would have been awful with me still crying. The next day was so much EASIER! Maggie thoroughly enjoys "girl time" with Mommy every afternoon and I am able to accomlish so much more with just one at home....lots of hats/bows being made this week!

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  1. Aww your children are growing up fast! I've got 3 more years until kindergarten. Enjoy the time at home with your little lady!

  2. Thanks Amy! Cherish every minute you can out of that little guy!