Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Totally Cool Tuesday ~ My MoMo!

She is:

- a river of joy....until she gets tired.

- a hugful of love......unless you take something away from her.

- a mouth full of kisses.......unless you want to kiss her back.

- eyes that sparkle when she has an idea.....unless the idea is going to bed.

- sweet snuggles in the morning......unlesss she wakes up hungry.

- the ever encouraging "You can do it".......all of the time!

My Maggie (aka MoMo) has brought so much joy into our lives. Our boys have too, and will get their own blog posts one day....but today is MoMo's day. She is dramatic, passionate, loving, and wild all wrapped in a sweet package. There are days that she drives me nuts and then turns around and makes it all worth it with a, "I love you this much..." arms stretched out wide.

I sometimes get frustrated and tired and begin to take for granted my time with my kids. No matter what happens during the day though, I am grateful for each moment I have with them. Go hug your kids today!!!

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