Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My CRAZY Life!

Just so you know....I have been a terrible blogger lately. Life has managed to intervene and become the highest priority around here. It seems like everytime I sat down to type, someone needed something RIGHT NOW! Anyway, I am back and have missed my venting/sharing/advertising time with you all. Okay the easiest way to catch you up is in list form...because...I love lists.

Reasons I have been away:
*Spending a little more time working on reading skills with the oldest
*Craft Shows
*The Princess had an appointment with the cardiologist over a heart mumur. Everything is fine...her heart is perfect! But I still committed alot of time to worrying.
*Craft Shows
*Dealing with the Middle prince's idea that he is smarter than everyone in the world....
*Developing the New Bootiful Girl Line for the website
*Craft Show planning for Mike's Athletic Department Craft Show
*Making items for my own booth in Mike's School Craft Show
All while doing laundry, cleaning (not as much as I should) and cooking....for my lovely family.

Reasons I want you to not give up on me:
* My new line comes out this week and you want to get the coupons I will offer on here!!
* Hats will be available on the site this week too!
* The Fall hats will be here by Friday and I will add a new color everyday after that!
* Just because you love me and let's face it.....I need to be validated by the number of followers I have on my blog.....LOL
Much love and blessing to all!


  1. I'm stickin with ya girl! Seems like everybody always needs something RIGHT NOW in my house too. Oh, to be super woman!

  2. I know what you mean! I feel like my creative work is constantly "start... stop... start... stop... ".