Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Givin' Some Love to Maylee's Garden....Finally

Back in June....I know that was a while back, but it is crazy around here!.......I worked out a lovely trade with one of my Etsy buddies. Libby from Maylee's Garden is the head honcho for our Bluegrass Etsy Street Team. She takes care of us all, makes sure that we know what is up with the team and Etsy, and she keeps our blog and ning site looking very spiffy! She does all of this in her "spare time". She is a wife and mommy while making the most INCREDIBLE soaps! We traded her soap for my matching Mommy/daughter flip-flops for her and Maylee. Well, needless to say.....I think (in this deal) I came out smelling like a rose, a cucumber/melon, bubble gum, some strawberries, and a little blackberry.
Her soaps are so affordable that I got a heap of them in the trade. They are not like other handmade soaps that I have purchased in the past. They last forever!!!! The kids love the way that they smell, and I even caught a whiff of melon as Mike was getting ready this week (he likes it too).
Visit her on etsy at or on artfire at So, head on over to Libby's shop to get yourself some great soaps for gifts or just for yourself!

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